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This better not end up on the Internet!

Top 10 YouTube Videos of girls Kissing via Fleshbot.

We're Talking About Unchecked Aggression Here.

The Wii Lebowski

You can now post to Blogger directly from Google Docs & Spreadsheets.


I am in love with Taquitos.net -- they review snack food, one of my favorite things.

A Fun News Week

Last week... a ninety-two-year-old woman was killed in a
shootout with Atlanta police, a Houston teenager was
sentenced to jail for sodomizing a Hispanic teenager with
a patio umbrella while shouting "White Power!," and a
professional dominatrix testified that an officer in the
Greenburgh, New York, police department had extracted
sexual favors from her. "He wanted to go to a motel in the
Bronx where I would defecate on him," she said, "but I
told him I was uncomfortable going to the Bronx."

via harper's

"Shemale Vids"

Think before you take a screenshot when you have a folder called Shemale Vids on your desktop. Dan would do something like that.


Finally, Champagne Beer.

We're Back!

And we have pics!

Office Space as a Thriller.

It's been a while since we've seen one of these...


Amusing article from 1981 on Babbage - The [programming] language of the future

For years, programming languages have used "FOR," "DO UNTIL," "DO WHILE," etc. to mean "LOOP." Continuing with this trend, Babbage offers the following loop statements:

DON'T DO WHILE NOT - This loop is not executed if the test condition is not false (or if it's Friday afternoon).

DIDN'T DO - The loop executes once and hides all traces.

CAN'T DO - The loop is pooped.

DO-WAH - Used to write timing loops for computer-generated music (Rag Timing).


Slashdot phucks up.

Slashdot had to suspend all coments today... oops.

Last night we crossed over 16,777,216 comments in the database. The wise amongst you might note that this number is 2^24, or in MySQLese an unsigned mediumint. Unfortunately, like 5 years ago we changed our primary keys in the comment table to unsigned int (32 bits, or 4.1 billion) but neglected to change the index that handles parents. We're awesome! Fixing is a simple ALTER TABLE statement... but on a table that is 16 million rows long, our system will take 3+ hours to do it, during which time there can be no posting. So today, we're disabling threading and will enable it again later tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. We shall flog ourselves appropriately.

Ciao Bella!

Jet-Setting to Italy for a week...Rome, Perugia and Florence.


Ehrlich Concedes Election, And So Does Steele

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye

Rumsfeld just resigned. It feels like Christmas!



Jess and I Found Nemo!

@ the National Aquarium

Best web site ever. Will it Blend?

Seriously awesome.
... marbles
... coke & chicken
... extra value meal
... rake handle
Be sure to check out the full can of coke they blend in the video intros.

Have pink drapes?


Polls, Polls, Polls

Interesting site aggregating poll results.


Halloweenies @ Work

The Network Pub goes all out for Halloween!