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JoCo made me a half pony half monkey monster

Another One Bites The Dust

We here at W.T.K.A. would like to congratulate our dear friends Liz "Schmoopie" Rogler and Eric "E-Roc" Rhodes on their recent engagement. We have put together a little picture montage of the happy couple for your viewing pleasure :-) Mazel Tov! (you guys know what that means, right?)

Bonnie's Last Night Out

Celebrating Bonnie's last days of being single :-)

So i'm at 'Berg this weekend...

in my hotel room drinking rum out of a plastic cup...
There's something about rum out of a plastic cup
at least it's good rum...
at least it's good rum


I love this new Fiest Song

Sea Lion Woman...

Almost as much as Mushabooom! shaboom shaboom!

Whinny Snort

Liz and Mer feed the horses!

Going Green

St Patty's 2007

I Wanna Know Where Da Gooold At!

To me it look like a Leprechaun to me, all you gotta do is look up in da tree. Who else see the Leprechaun say 'Yeeeaaaah'!

Finally Robin sends me something that isn't too racist to share

White Chicks & Gang Signs

It's like...Win a date w/ Chlamydia!

Best Use of Typography Ever

Flour Power

Why do Jewish guys get such a bad rap? There's a lot of stereotypes about us — you can't fix anything, you can't start a fire, can't play hockey, aren't cool. I consider myself cool.

From: The Jewish Times 3/2/07

It's Balmer HON!

My fave B-more artist Robert McClintock is having a show Thursday (3/15).


As every craftsperson will tell you, it all begins by using only the very finest materials. We take great care to collect super-fresh sheep poo from the beautiful (and rainy) mountains of rural Wales and take it back to the mill, situated in southern Snowdonia. We don't just make Sheep Poo Paper™ and for our other papers we use waste paper, rag and textile off-cuts and just about anything else we can think of that has good length cellulose fibers in it. Of course, we don't use tree - we like trees.

Marissa Puker

The 1st comment made @ 3:48pm is my fave!

Cute Paperclip

What if the MS Office Team designed vi?

Maddox is back...

He's here to tell us the One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't...

JoCo on The Show with Ze Frank!

An amazing intersection of two of my favorite things on the interweb.

Jonathan Coulton will be at the 8x10 at the end of the month, w00t!

... and if you missed it, here is the episode of The Show with John Hodgman's celebrity weather report at the end.


Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

I go by the name of lupe fiasco

What What, In The Butt

I heard Dan's having this guy play at his wedding.

Thank you Abby for the tip, what what.

Through the RED DOORS

In true 'Berg form, Matt and I (w/ the help of a shirtless Robin Holden) have painted our front door RED.