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Go Ravens?

Every time it says "S. Rolle" in the paper, Scott gets fined $1.

Getting Ready to go West...

The End is Nigh!

Exam is complete.  One more semester left on the MSSE! 

RTM + Gmail = task management goodness

My two favorite web apps just formed an unholy union. RTM + Gmail Firefox Extension. It's really the best thing I've seen in a long time. Remember The Milk rocks and the Gmail integration just works. It's full featured and is visible, unlike the RTM Google Calendar. If you're a RTM user it's a must have... and if you haven't checked out RTM isn't it about time?

Still Smiling?

Paging Dr. Drew...

We *heart* The Weg!

Matt and I have way too much fun @ Wegmans!

(Matt's head is right below my office building)

My New Elephriend

Check out this cute elephant that Jenni knitted me!

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Happy Holidays from WTKA!

Lost Season 4 Trailer

VZ on GM

So Google Map's street view was just released for Dallas, TX. Not only does it cover the street past the VZ building where I go for meetings on occasion, it actually goes up the driveway. This is freaky.

View Larger Map

There's always money in the banana stand.

Aqua Teen Cookie Force returns!

CLICK HERE for more Targarona Tree Trimming photos :-)

We got our Hanukkah Ham, did you?!

Still Holiday Shopping?

Try Lotus Jewelry Studio!

Keeping it in the Bravo Family

There's Jen, she's in the French hat...

Last weekend we had a fun-filled visit from the lovely Miss Jen Epting.

We visited Hampden HON...

And Fells Point...

We documented all of our adventures in photo form.

On the 1st night of Hanukkah, my mother gave to meeee...

Put on your Yarmulke...


Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

There's like a judge and everything... and jury people.

A big CONGRATS to Joe who won his 1st big case today! YAY EDLOW COMMA JOE!

Holiday Shopping

Hi there WTKA readers! I thought with Hanukkah a week away and Christmas not too far after that, i might offer up some shopping tips and help you stay away from the mall.

For the Bloomies fanatic...

For the friend you kvetch to all year long...

For YOUR security blanket...

For the new baby...

If you think like Matt...

If you think like Mer...

For the Bawlmer enthusiast...

If your wine glasses don't quite make it out of the dishwasher alive...

For the person who wants to get organized...

For someone who just can't kick the habit...

For the kid in all of us...

Pink is the new Black

Gobble Till Ya Wobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from WTKA!

It's that time of year again...

I can has Cheezburger?


Happy Anniversary Italy!

This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of Tom & Katie, which is also the 1 year anniversary of our Italian Vacay!

I was telling Aisha, who is new in my office, about how I scouted for celebs @ The Spanish Steps...

Me: (Reading USweekly @ lunch) Oh today is Tom & Katie's anniversary! I was in Italy during their wedding and I did not see anyone famous :-(
Aisha: Oh, I thought you were talking about real people...

Dan Lane: our new mission

Judging by our shameless obsession with SUVs, plasma screens and bulky trips to Costco, Americans just can't get enough of big. And nowhere is this more evident than in our food.

What Does Your Drink Say About You?

"Your typical whisky or scotch drinker is someone who may have more than a few drinks a week," said Jacobson. "Appearance-wise, they are usually someone with facial scruff and often a bit heavier."


WTKA would like to congratulate our favorite Vineyard Vines lovin' couple Kate and Russ on their recent engagement. Mazel Tov HON!

awww the two of you have the same priorities :-P

"The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them," the 26-year-old socialite was quoted...

Oh Vajayjay

The New York Times Style section published a feature on the rise of the term "vajayjay" to describe female genitalia. "The reason that vajayjay has caught on, I think, is because there is a black--Southern especially--naming tradition, which is to have names like Ray Ray and Boo Boo and things like that, "said John H. McWhorter, a linguist at the Manhattan Institute. "It sounds warm and familiar and it almost makes the vagina feel like a little cartoon character with eyes that walks around."
- Harper's Weekly, 11/6/2007

M&T Bank Stadium Ranks High!

"Most fans are well-behaved, but some are clearly drunk" and belligerent." "If you cheer for the visiting team, you'll get destroyed, especially in the upper deck."

Oh no she didn't...

Stella McCartney is taking a stab at some new Jewelry creations.

Also c/o Perez

First Hobos... then Mole Men

John Hodgman at work, Chateau Marmont, Hollywood CA.
Originally uploaded by xeni.

I can't wait for the next JH reading tour -- hopefully w/ Jonathan Coulton again.

Ha these LOLCats get me every time

funny pictures
moarfunny pictures

The 2K Sports B-Ball Zombie Tour

Anyone interested?
December 7th
The 2K Sports B-Ball Zombie Tour with Stones Throw artists
(tentative lineup)

Breaking News: Explosion, Fire Rock Domino Sugar Plant

Windows of the Domino Sugar plant were blown out, and employees in office buildings 500 yards away tell WBAL News their buildings shook from the force of the explosion.

How many credits is WINE 101 worth?

Forget pencils, books and teachers' dirty looks, wine classes provide booze, snacks and smiling, knowledgeable enablers. Schooling drunks in just the sort of lessons they enjoy, local bars and liquor stores pour higher learning by the glass, arming students with the means to matriculate beyond the remedial world of White Zin.

fruity, rounded, and complex

Our buddy Hugh Sission explains the difference between Ales & Lagers in terms you can taste on the Clipper City beer blog