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Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin' on a boat!

I got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies...

Everybody Eats...

... and everybody poops. The Sun has an article on a MICA professor's art installation My Food My Poop compares the two in an interesting study of our energy consumption. Plus poop is funny.

You can view the project notes @ http://myfoodmypoop.com/

I also find his name, Pocock, really funny as well!

Matt surprised me in Cleveland! LOL!

HEHE, just kidding! CLICK HERE to check out all of Mer's O-HAI-O adventures :-)

It's a daily paper, HON!

Look who is featured in today's issue of B!


It was a fun-filled week of Concerts and Comedy!

Tuesday: Spinal Tap - Unwigged and Unplugged

Saturday: Joel McHale from The Soup on E!

In life, it's important to celebrate the little things

Here are our photos from Teddy's 1/2 Birthday Party this weekend :-)

best.ice cream.EVAR

Nutella Ice Cream @ B, a Bolton Hill Bistro. NOM NOM NOM!


I'm thinkin' Arby's!

Who is excited for the LOST finale tomorrow?

Green is the New Black, V 2.0

To eliminate the use of paper napkins and paper towels, Mr Matt & I have purchased washable napkins (that one might find in a restaurant). Saves money, waste & makes your average Wednesday leftover night seem a little bit fancier!

From Target

From Williams-Sonoma

nom nom nom

MMM...crab cake!

The Knot: taking the Grey's Anatomy wedding a lil bit too far, one blog post at a time

Now, I am probably the only person still watching Grey's Anatomy. I can't help it! Any show with a main character named Meredith is GREAT in my book! Growing up, I was the ONLY Meredith. I could never find a silly key chain or mug or stationary with my name. My mom had to special order everything. So, now that my name has been brought to prime time television, I think I owe it to myself to watch! But THIS is taking tonight's wedding between Meredith and Derek (the one they call McDreamy) a lil bit too far.

See you in another 10 years!

St. Paul's School Class of 1999 -

This weekend was Matt's 10 year High School Reunion! Gettin' OLD!

Haz you seen mai bukkit??

one of Mr Matt's B-day gifts :-)

Melinda Seff Boyd RD


Want to see what the live-action Aqua Teen cast looks like?

The season finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force will involve a live-action episode in which real people will play the roles of Frylock, Master Shake and Carl. The role of Meatwad will be played by an exercise ball.

I think that Mr Matt could play Meatwad!

Do you want to buy a house?

Moving to the Baltimore area? Looking for an upgrade from that tiny apartment? My friends Jen & Thommy are selling! Click on the photo for more listing info :-)