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Stones Throw Records

Chrome Children Vol 2. is available for free!Includes Madlib, Aloe Blacc, & many others. Great indie hip-hop from Stones Throw Records. Download it now & check out Vol 1. if you missed it. Vol 1. had some some amazing Madvillian & J Dilla tracks.

Trailer. w00+

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

"Where are my freakin' pants?!" - Carl

ATHF Movie March 23rd

'Aqua Teen' is greasy, but it's not kids' stuff - USATODAY.com

The subtitle, Colon Movie Film for Theaters, is surprisingly straightforward. The plot, about an immortal piece of exercise equipment that threatens the balance of galactic peace, is not.

Becky's Last Night Out

Shower & Bachelorette FUN!

And we wonder why we were not greeted as liberators

US Humvee driving/bumping it's way through Baghdad.

WSJ on Organics

When Buying Organic Makes Sense -- and When It Doesn't - WSJ.com

*** STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH 2007: "There's No 'U' in Victory" ***

David Reese wrote a lovely article on the SOTU for The HuffPo.

"My uncle once explained it to me like this: "David, think of the State of the Union speech as a sort of 'User's Manual' for this great, complicated product we bought called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And by the way, David," he added, "if I may continue addressing you, think of the Bible as our nation's Unlimited Warranty!""

Read it.

Muhlenberg, My Muhlenberg.

A Muhlenberg College student was charged Friday with using the Internet to arrange for sex with what he thought was a 12-year-old girl, but in fact was an undercover state agent.

c/o Abby from MCall

Favorite Guest Photos!

From The Queen Victoria New Year Newsletter...

I've decided to start yet another continuing series topic for my email newsletters. This is the first installment of "Favorite Guest Photos". These are photos that you have submitted to us to publish on our website (yes, they are still on their way ... just a little more patience, please). Anyway, I've decided to start publishing one of them in each newsletter to encourage you all to keep sending photos. The pictures selected for the newsletter will be those that feature our guests having fun at The Queen Victoria.

I'm sure you'll agree that Matt & Meredith look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves on our Prince Albert Hall roof deck. This is one of my favorite spots at the inn, and having a glass of wine in the late afternoon is one of my favorite things to do. We should all have as much fun every afternoon as Matt & Meredith obviously are.

The Birds - David Sedaris

Sedaris has a short piece on the latest New Yorker...

The latest Kate Bush CD includes a song called “Aerial,” and one spring afternoon Hugh sat down to listen to it. In the city, I’m forever nagging him about the volume. “The neighbors!” I say. But out in Normandy I have to admit that it’s me who’s being disturbed. The music I can usually live with—it’s the lyrics I find irritating, especially when I’m at my desk and am looking for a reason to feel distracted. If one line ends with, say, the word “stranger,” I’ll try to second-guess the corresponding rhyme. “Danger,” I’ll think, then, No, wait, this is a Christmas album: “manger.” The word will be “manger.”Read It...

Michael "Black" Vick Busted

MIAMI (AP) -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick reluctantly surrendered a water bottle to security at Miami International Airport that smelled like marijuana and contained a substance in a hidden compartment.

Oh to be a Kuwaiti diplomat

Claim: Diplomat, wife abused employees, beat them with box of frozen chicken
The lawsuit alleges they were subject to physical abuse — including death threats and a beating with a box of frozen chicken — and only given a fraction of their promised monthly wages of $1,280.

c/o Cybil, not Mer b/c she's a bum & didn't even know what she was sending.

Full bumper car video from Portland

Why you don't drive on ice.

c/o Abby

Stephen Explains This Whole AT&T thing...

Male panda too fat to have sex

BANGKOK, Thailand - Chuang Chuang the Panda is just too heavy to have sex.

Thai authorities have put him on a strict diet as part of a long-running campaign to get him to mate with female partner Lin Hui at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand.

"Chuang Chuang is gaining weight too fast and we found Lin Hui is no longer comfortable with having sex with him," said the zoo's chief veterinarian, Kanika Limtrakul, adding that Chuang Chuang weighed 331 pounds while Lin Hui is only 253 pounds.

Russ: sound familiar?
Matt: every day of my life

The Org has hatched

Join The Org, a new kind of network.

My Penis In A Widget

via Ze Frank

U.G.L.Y. You ain't got no alibi You ugly!

Ravens Day at the office

Ravens Day at the office
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

I am an example of team spirit.

If hip-hop were The Wire.

via Palms Out

So apparently this new ATHF aired on 12/22 at 3:30am.

Begin the Begin

Billboard.com reports that R.E.M, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the Ronettes, and Van Halen will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 12.

Jesus loves Jenn & Mer

Michael Cera: Impossible is the Opposite of Possible

Did you know...

Dinosaurs were created by God? That they fit on Noah's Ark because they were young dinosaurs? That their fossils are only a few thousand years old? I sure didn't! Test your dinosaur knowledge with the Christian Answers Dinosaur Quiz! I scored a 9 out of 10! Gosh Darn you fossils! How well do you score?

Matt: I'm trying to find out where the fossils came from -- I hope the liberal Jews buried them as a conspiracy
Mike: it was either then or the homosexuals, what with their agenda and all

c/o Big Mike

So that's how it works!

How to make a baby. NSFW.

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Festivus 2!

GeneralgPatton44 (12:04:04 AM): yahoo sports graded every team in the nfl
GeneralgPatton44 (12:04:08 AM): only two A's
GeneralgPatton44 (12:04:12 AM): Chargers and Ravens
matttargarona (12:04:01 AM): HOLLER!

Megan <3s Booze

Megan Hearts Booze
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

See this & more New Years photos here.

Oh Thank Heaven, It's 2007!