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You can have The Office, but PLEASE leave AbFab alone!

Say it aint so! Fox wants to butcher our beloved Patsy & Edina!

'Berg Vineyard Vines Ties!

CLICK for details!


Deal of the Day!!

I just paid $2.98 (+ tax, $3.11) for this skirt @ Ann Taylor Loft. w00t!

Baltimore Restaurant Week

January 23 - February 1, CLICK HERE for more details!

Change, we haz it!

Mer & Matt celebrate President #44 in their own special way (pics are from Mer's cell phone).

A lil resurrection celebration! on TwitPic
obviously involving a little Resurrection

We've got our party hats on! on TwitPic
and party hats!!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Have yourself PURPLE beer tonight in honor of Joe Flacco's 24th (OMG he's so young) Birthday! CLICK HERE to find out how to color your eats and drinks PURPLE for the BIG GAME on Sunday. Go Ravens!


CLICK HERE for a most interesting story: Pittsburgh mayor removes 'Ravens' from last name
and by "interesting" I really mean something else...

Natty Boh vs Iron City

"Gains points for the handsome mustachioed Mr. Boh on the can. Loses points for leaving town, like the Colts."


"The shiny can does look "steely." But it is made of aluminum, and when emptied, in keeping with the tradition of the Pittsburgh nation, it should be crushed on the forehead."

CLICK HERE to read about the TASTEOFF!

Zingerman's Barack-y Road Gelato

Gather the friends. Break out the Zingerman's ice cream. Yeah, I know it's January. Be quiet. It's time for a good speech. CLICK HERE for more details!

Anthony Bourdain sure does love The Wire

Bourdain dines with Felicia "Snoop" Pearson @ Mo's Crab & Pasta in Baltimore. CLICK HERE to read his entire blog entry.

What the heck do I do with this thing?

Do you find yourself saying the following?
I registered for this decanter thingy because it looked cool in the store. Now that I have it, what do I do with it? CLICK HERE for some helpful hints!

We recommend...

They grow up so fast!

Abbey Reid (and her cat) visited the office on Friday. Such a cutie!!

Did you ever wonder where SAUSAGE comes from?

CLICK HERE to see all of our sausage-making pics!

The Next Food Network Star

Happy Birthday to Brianna Waterman who turns ONE today! She celebrated by making a cake...and getting most of it on her cute little face :-)


Colby is ready for the game on Saturday!

I Can Haz Bathroom Reading?

Yeah...I bought it :-)

AI - Where are they now?

SOMEONE sent this pic into Perez...I swear it was not me!

Happy 09 Hon!

Well, this photo pretty much sums up the evening. A case of champagne and one broken window later...CLICK HERE for all our New Years Eve Party Pics!

Fingerless Gloves

Check out these awesome fingerless gloves Jenni made me!!