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Our Wedding Invitations are FAMOUS!

Former "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" favorite (and TWIN of Juliet on LOST), Jen Schefft, has her own wedding blog on WeddingChannel.com. On her blog, she talks about her wedding inspirations. Her "Invitation Inspiration" happen to be OUR wedding invitations! Thanks Jen!

Above: Jen's Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Above: Mer & Mr Matt's actual Wedding Invitation! LOLZ! Photo by Jason Lee.

Melinda's Shower & Bachelorette Party Weekend!

Where the Wild Things Are movie trailer!

This humidifier is great for a 4-month old...

U dont have 2 be a 4 year old 2 enjoy an elephant humidifier! on TwitPic
and Matt and Mer too!

Project Runway Finalist Kenley Collins Arrested for Throwing Cat at Fiancé

The New York Post reports that she was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon after throwing the feline, a laptop computer and three apples at [fiancé] Zak Penley. MEOW!

Leave it to me to look beyond all the cat throwing to realize HELLO her fiancé's name is Zak Penley...so that means her name will be KENLEY PENLEY!! LOLZ :-)

March 20th = FREE RITA'S DAY!!

Don't forget to stop by your local Rita's tomorrow for some FREE ICES!! Happy Spring from WTKA :-)

coffee table books are the new black

If you are looking for a great album idea, Mr Matt and I made an awesome wedding coffee table book via BLURB.

Fabulous for Spring!

O Hai Val! Jen's sister Valerie was stylin' in O Magazine, wearin' Liz Claiborne. So purdy!!

Trouble in SARAH-dise?

Bristol Palin splits with her fiance, Levi Johnston

This weather man scares me.

No, no I don't want to go outside today.


AbFab v2

Why must Hollywood ruin all things British? Soon we'll have Ashton Kutcher as MR. BEAN! Even PEREZ agrees!

No, Kristen Johnston and Kathryn Hahn weren't involved in an unfortunate explosion at a hippie's yard sale....they were merely filming for an upcoming adaptation of British television series Absolutely Fabulous. Will Absolutely Fabulous translate into a hit in America?

PS...my DAAAAALING Mr Matt bought me the ORIGINAL AbFab Box Set for Valentines Day :-)

It's why we love Giada & Nigella

CLICK HERE for your daily Food Porn!

It's not called Top Scallop...

We miss Fabio!!

Ah, the age old question....

How Much Money Should I Give Them For A Wedding Gift? CLICK HERE to find out!

Grammar FAIL

Grammar FAIL! on TwitPic

Just when we thought the 2009-2010 wedding count was a little low...

James and Gill get engaged and bring the average right back up!!

CONGRATS from the staff of WTKA!!

I don't know Gill...I spotted James gettin' pretty funky with a pregnant chick...just watch out, that's all I'm sayin' :-)

The Effing Card Company

Check them out!

Baltimore Magazine: Top 50 Baltimore Restaurants

CLICK HERE for the Best Restaurants 2009: Our first-ever ranking of Baltimore's top places to eat.

We have been to 27/50. Yum!

Welcome (back) to Bal'Mer HON!

Our favorite FLORIDIANS have made the schlep north and moved to Baltimore! In the grand scheme of things, Mr Matt and I are just trying to get all our friends to move with in a 60 mile radius of Towson. These guys from NH to DC. Who is next?? Maybe a certain Philly resident? Or a little lady from Johnstown, PA??

We loves a snow day!

White Towson on TwitPic
We got about 5-6 inches here in Towson! Guess who shoveled?

A visit with Baby Teddy

Today we visited Teddy. CLICK HERE to check out all the too-cute-for-words pics!