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Cash, Money, Hoes

New Name on Top of Richest State List

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (Aug. 28) - New Jersey is no longer the nation's wealthiest state and Camden is no longer the nation's poorest city, according to federal data released Tuesday.

The Garden State's median household income of $64,470 is second to Maryland, where the median household income is $65,144.


Going West for the long weekend.

Frisky Dingo Season 2: Sundays on Adult Swim

Miss Teen South Carolina believes, Wait... what?

Google Embeddable Maps Rock!

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I'm comfortable that this is just a Nike commercial... so catchy... so classic

Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been) - DJ Premier Remix

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Oh Meth-Face

"Meth-Face" Amber has quickly become my favorite BB8 houseguest. I always thought "Jenuine Jensa" Jen was the retard in the house but I guess I was wrong... First the anti-semitism and now this...

The band does an awesome Journey cover...

Dan and Nikki tie the knot!

What About Blowjobs?

Aural pleasure from Reggie Watts.

Say No To MCT

BB8 Bias InfoPr0n

Jen's my favorite bias.

You're NEVER too old for a S'more!

Terrible Brain Damage

If you've never seen Fear & Loathing in Gonzovision (aka Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood), the 1978 BBC documentary where Ralph visits Hunter in Aspen, CO. It is terribly interesting and topical even today. Watch it Here.

Bush speaks about the newest threat to freedom

Now THIS is a bat-shit crazy war I can get behind. God Bless Amurica

BB8: Amber doesn't know many Jews, but the ones she knows she hates.

According to Amber, all Jews are selfish & greedy... but it is a good thing you can tell them by their last names & their noses.

Jeff & Kim Tie the Knot!

Matt in the Pacific

Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

I just got wet. Hi from Santa Monica!

California here we come!

Jet Setting to LA for a long weekend for my cousin's wedding.
Happy Birthday to ME!