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Omar not Comin'

A Man’s Gotta Have a Code

Lil Ellies!

After midnight...

The 90-minute finale of HBO's The Wire won't be available in advance of the March 9 cable channel premiere date, a spokesman for HBO said.

In Memoriam?

Did anyone notice that Brad Renfro was missing from The Oscars "In Memoriam" photo montage? Heath Ledger died a week AFTER Renfro, yet, he was included...

Robbie the Roomba is HERE!

Two Bums Up!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere (in PA)

Visit to Victory Brewing Comapny in Downingtown, PA with Becky and Jason.

We took the tour!


New K-West video for Flashing Lights

I think this is really a smart video, I wonder if this is the start a Trapped in the Closet series for Kanye.

On a side note... Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour w/ Lupe, Rihanna and N.E.R.D.
May 10th - Bristow, Va. @ Nissan Pavilion
...flashing lights.

Happy VD!

WTKA *hearts* all of its readers!

check US out!

Happy Valentine's Day! Us presents the duos who are giving Brangelina a run for their money

College sweethearts Libercci, 27, and Targarona, 26, who make their home in Maryland, tell Us they'd love to laugh with Saturday Night Live alums Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. "Matt and I make each other laugh hysterically so often that I will sometimes say to him, 'Do you think other couples have as much fun as us?' Well, I think these two definitely do!" Libercci says.

Get up and VOTE!


To BET Rap City!

Sawyer's Nickname Generator

BREAKING -- Clinton's Economic Stimulus Package

New David Reese, of GYWO, @ the HuffPo.

"Hey gang... just off the phone with a TOP CLINTON STRATEGIST... I've got the details on Hillary Clinton's new economic stimulus package... designed to help those hit hardest by the recent economic downturn... the unexpected choppy waters we find ourselves in...

It's a specific plan, not like Obama's "let's all hold hands and reach for the stars, which we can't even grab because we're all tangled up in each others' hands..."

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow!


Just like a turducken only more amazing!
If you're ever wondering what to get me for a birthday... this would be it!

Hillary does better w/ lower educated voters

If you are a college graduate you are more likely to support Obama, 2:1. If you are a high school graduate you're 2:1 more likely to support Billary. MSNBC just threw that info-nugget out there and then compared Clinton to Wal-Mart, experience & low prices, and Obama to Whole Foods, quality & sensibility.

Also Mike "Jesus is my Homeboy" Huckabee is projected to win WV. Maybe he's rising from the dead.

Yes We Can!

Save Our Bluths!


Go Raven's HON!

Jerry O'Connell rocks a Ray Lewis jersey in honor of the Super Bowl. Go Raven's HON!

Daniels is on LOST!

- What is "The Wire's" Col. Cedric Daniels - Lance Reddick - doing in "Lost" anyway?
- Any chance Bunk Moreland might show up too?
- (And how about Jimmy McNulty?)

Post Game Thoughts

if you were wondering "how old is tom petty" after the game, you weren't alone: that search was #2 post-game on Google Trends (#6 this morning -- fyi he's 57).

So Mer & I went to college w/ this guy... the mariachi who actually has lines

Steiner canned by WYPR

The Marc Steiner show got the axe on Friday -- WYPR says it is due to declining ratings but Steiner feels it is personal. More coverage in The Sun

What a nice Bukkit

funny pictures
moar funny pictures