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Jason Scott @ ROFLcon on the history of LOLz, ROFLz, etc.

The Big 2 - 7!

What is Hip Hop?

Vineyard Vines tie optional

Matt and Ted before Chris and Sharon's Wedding

Meme Meme


This is great... Barack + Rocky = Baracky

TV Chef Kitchen Quiz

Do you watch too much Food Network? We just might...
Score: 14-16 – you watch way too much food TV

Did somebody confuse Olive Garden with Hooters?

Remember OMHS Senior Prom?

Watch Chris (my friend Jenn's 2002 Senior Prom date) in his new movie, In Convenience.

Vote Here!

Larry Lessig: A letter to Pennsylvania (or how to become a superdelegate)

Lilly for Life!

The Pink Crab - Photo Album

Palo Santo Marron (Holy Tree Brown)

Dogfish has posted an interesting video about their new regular release Palo Santo Marron

Matt Working on Pole

Matt Working on Pole
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

Here is proof that I was actually climbing telephone poles in my pole climbing class.

Name That Elephant!

He's three weeks old, weighs in at 300 pounds and remains very close to his mother. But he doesn't have a name!

Hello From New Hampshire

Look I am Russ
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

Live free or die motherfuckers!

REM on The Colbert Report last night.


Supernatural Superserious Performance

Butters Singing What What in the Butt. That Little Gay Kid.

What What In The Asshole (Butt)

In case you missed it... the original Samwell Version
What What (In The Butt)

Cindy Wolf nominated for 2008 James Beard Award: Best Chef (Mid-Atlantic)

Baltimore's own Chef Cindy Wolf is a nominee for the 2008 James Beard Award for Best Chef. This award is for Chefs who have set new or consistent standards of excellence in their respective regions. She was also nominated for the award back in 2006.

Now I am even more excited for my birthday dinner at The Charleston in two weeks.

Incase you missed it

Originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

Obama spoke at Muhlenberg yesterday. What the crap did the college dems do for us when I was there?