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yo clients satisfied like they're eatin' on snickers

Design Coding... get with it. This is my new joint!

Fun Presents!

So the other day I got some fun foul weather gear in the mail...

... and today, Meredith got a special present from Me!


Another tranny mess...

How fierce!

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano will guest star on ABC's Ugly Betty.

The episode will air during May sweeps week.

According to an ABC statement, Siriano, 22, will cross paths with "Mode's own hot tranny mess" Alexis Meade (Rebecca Romijn).

Runway judge Nina Garcia will also have a cameo.

Are You My Father?

No one knows for certain who's the father of the male elephant calf that was born last Wednesday at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, so any name ending in "Jr." is likely out of the question. But what do you call a 290-pound bundle of joy?

Get Some Bling Bling Back

So my dear Mer got me set up on Ebates and it really works! I've gotten $35 back since I signed up in January. It is like a mini tax return every quarter! Sign yourself up and get a $10 bonus.

One week old and I've already lost my hand!

Ah-hem! Please welcome into the world, the newest Network Pub baby, Abbey Elizabeth Reid!

It's not just for KITTEH anymore

Jen's Dog, SAMMY :-)

When you don't have a Rolling Pin...

...use a Rolling GIN!

Baby Elephant weighs in at 290 pounds

An African elephant at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore named Felix gave birth last night. The calf is the first elephant born in the history of the 132-year-old zoo. His mom, at a mere 7,490 pounds, is described as "petite." But zookeepers say Maryland's newest African elephant -- 290 pounds and 42 inches tall -- is a whopper.

minus some teeth but hopefully no wisdom

Hangin' w/ Hunter

Flying Dog Photo Contest (Page 5)!

Jewno: Purim Party


You can now follow me on FriendFeed

I do like that!

Stuff White People Like

Beer Pong

...on the new conference room table? Only on my office!

Christian AKA Ferocia Couturia on Top Chef

Christian talks about Top Chef & Project Runway... This may be Beyond Gay.

The New Adventures of Old McNulty

Pitching the Inevitable ‘Wire’ Spinoffs on Network TV

Farewell to The Wire

"The Wire is the best program in television history by such a wide margin that even though its final season has been a huge disappointment, compromised by creator David Simon's grudges, it still stands up well against virtually every non-Wire season of television out there." - Farewell to The Wire

Previously on The Atlantic, David Simon is The Angriest Man In Television

It was a tranny mess...

CONGRATS to Christian, our MD hometown boy, who won Project Runway 4. FIERCE is the new black!!

I can take the heat

FREE Chick-fil-A on March 12th, 19th & 26th!!

Sometimes Mer Feels Like A Nut

Mer just got a 17/20 (B) on this Candy Bar Identification Quiz, and she doesn't even EAT candy... or so she says. What is your score?

3/3/08 The Wire podcasts: Ed Burns

Marc Steiner has started a new podcast series... The first is The Wire podcasts: Ed Burns