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Back from Bethany!

We are back from a fabulous weekend in Bethany Beach, DE! It's always so hard to go back to work after an awesome weekend getaway :(

Screw(pile) you guys, I'm going home

WTKA is very proud of Mr Matt and his Hero Squad racing team for coming in 2nd in the 2009 Screwpile!

Everybody look at me 'cause I'm racing on a boat.

Sunday afternoon, Matt let Russ, Kate and Me tag along on his sailing race from Baltimore to Annapolis. It was pretty intense and I hurt today...even though I didn't do a lot of work!

I'm the Mer who loves you.

Mr Matt and I made the schlep up 95 to see Wilco in Delaware on Fri night. Here are the highlights.

Catching up with LOST in the off season

From Hurley's (Jorge Garcia) blog...

Went to Santa Rosa for my cousin's wedding. This is the closest thing I found.

ROTF :-) Happy Friday!

Become one of the He'Brew Chosen Ones!

Shmaltz Brewing Company (makers of HE'BREW beer) is celebrating its Bar Mitzvah and wants YOU to help! If you are over 21 and have an awkward Bar/Bat-Mitzvah picture floating around, you could be featured on one of their bottles of celebration beer - Jewbelation 13! Of course I entered :-)

Fireworks over the water

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

Saying good-bye to The Boyds.

Last night we attended a going away party for Melinda and Ryan. Today they are moving to their new home for the next two years, The Island of Terceira, Azores. Even though they are moving out of the country, it's still closer to Baltimore then their previous home in Las Vegas!

We had some crabs, drinks, snow-cones and a late-nite dip in the pool! Good Luck guys! We hope to visit you soon!

We <3 3-day Weekends!

Have a happy & safe 4th of July weekend from WTKA!

Whered ye git dem crab cakes at, hon?

Baltimore Magazine has put out their list of Baltimore's Best Crab Cakes! Your friends here at WTKA fully endorse Pappas (which did make the list). Just look at this beautiful crab cake! Yummm!

What did Baltimore Magazine have to say about our favorite Crab Cake?
Pappas "A winner"
Say "crab cake" in Baltimore and someone will inevitably reply "Pappas." Now we know why. This 6-ounce mound of crab, lightly crisped on the outside and moist on the inside, with jumbo lumps stole our hearts. Forget the lackluster tartar sauce. This gem doesn't need any adornment. We grabbed one at lunchtime for $12.95, which included two sides. We opted for coleslaw and salad (mostly iceberg, but fresh and crisp). This one is a winner for hometowners and out-of-towners alike. 1725 Taylor Ave., Parkville, 410-661-4357.

Follow Baltimore Magazine on Twitter @BaltimoreMag

Want a FREE wedding?

Attention all Baltimore Brides-to-Be (and grooms too)! Harbor Magic Hotels is giving away a FREE wedding this month! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

These hotels include:
Pier 5 Hotel

Brookshire Suites

The Admiral Fell Inn (where our wedding was)


Follow Harbor Magic Hotels on Twitter @HarborMagic