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Where have all the Sea Lions gone?

During the last week of November, they left the wooden docks on which they’ve spent the last 20 years and no one knows if they’ll be coming back.

Glad we were able to see the world famous Sea Lions when we were in San Franscisco in October! Hope they come back soon!

Apparently, sometimes Derek DOES finish projects!

For Christmas, Derek re-vamped his YaYa's old sewing box for Mr Matt's sister Megan. The transformation is fantastic! Check out all the photos HERE.



Great job Der...now about our ceiling...

Arnold Palmer makes an Arnold Palmer

I prefer a John Daly, but this is quite funny :)

Crazy Matt

Mr Matt shovels in shorts!

Half-Off Hanukkah candles are baaaad

Half-Off Hanukkah candles are baaaad
Originally uploaded by Matthew J Targarona.

We had Hanukkah with Josh and Lori last night and we used the half-off candles that they bought last year. Sometimes you just don't get what you pay for :)

One pill makes you larger, And one pill makes you small...


Happy Holidays from WTKA

Happy Holidays from @mr_matt & @meredithrae on Twitpic
Happy Chrismakkah...or whatever you do or don't celebrate :)

Where'd Ja Get Dat Hole At?

So we came home from the Ravens game last night to find BGE digging a hole in the front lawn.

Apparently our neighbor across the street was out of gas and the main is under our sidewalk... thankfully they didn't have to dig that up.

Alas we are the proud new owners of a small gas manhole and a patch of mud.

Frozen at The Ravens game!

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Well, the seats were free and out of the rain so I guess we can't complain too much :) Ravens 48, Lions 3 - w00t!

Put on your yarmulke, Here comes Chanukah

It's that time of year again HON!

Don't forget to take your favorite HON down to Hampden to see the lights on 34th Street! Travel + Leisure gives it a thumbs up! (so does Matt)

BINGO ...for Derek?

Originally found HERE

Stimulus Money Abroad

Russ has gotten a lot of coverage for his article on stimulus money for green energy going overseas, even being mentioned in Senator Chuck Schumer's letter to the Secretary of Energy. He was on CNN tonight briefly discussing his article.

So...I went to camp with this chick circa 1991...

Sara Rue is the New Jenny Craig Spokesperson!

Congrats...I guess??

Bling is the new Black

Not all dreidels are made out of clay. Over the years, they have come in many forms, but now, Mervis Diamond Importers is claiming to have created the world's very first diamond dreidel.

Good Things DO come in Three!

Hooray for office engagements!! First Katy got engaged, then Jenni...now Bridget and Chris are tying the knot! Congrats :)

Wegmans Fail

Produce Fail

moar funny pictures

We made yummy Gougeres for Thanksgiving Dinner (mmm cheesy goodness)

Mike Doughty at The Recher

Mike Doughty and Scrap at The Recher Theater last Wednesday - w00t!

Holiday Shopping (Part 2)

Kitten Mittens anyone? Catch up with Mac, Charlie and the whole gang with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1-4 on Amazon!

Cheer on the RAVENS (or any NFL or MLB team) with a tie from Vineyard Vines

Store fruit or keep rolls warm with an Oval Stoneware Bread Basket from Williams Sonoma

Show YOUR Top Chef how much you love them with a Top Chef Logo Personalized Jacket from Bravo TV!

Save your sandwich from the dreaded office refrigerator with Anti-Theft Lunch Bags from Perpetual Kid

Or...don't buy anything at all (Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays from Amazon)

Happy TURKEY Day!


Holiday Shopping (Part 1)

It's that time of year again! Here are some FUN ideas :)

Holiday Post Cards from Quite Like It

2010 Monogrammed Calendar from Dabney Lee

Make a little Birdhouse in your Laptop Bag (from Modcloth)

Where my glasses at HON? (from Modcloth)

Floral Ring from The Broken Plate

Pearl Bracelet from Lotus Jewelry

Nautical Necklace from ANORIGINAL JEWELRY

I'm a He'Brew Chosen One!

Remember back in July when I sent my Bat Mitzvah picture to He'Brew as part of their 13th Anniversary? Well, I made it to their website! w00t!

(3rd down on the right) This also means that my little photo will be printed on the limited edition beer bottles so go scoop one up ASAP!!

Angela and Christian Tie the Knot!

Check out all the Green-Drumm wedding FUN!

Happy Beaujolais Day!

Congrats to Rob "Up North" Waterman on his 2009 buck

Enough w/ the cute kittens & baby pictures... From the hills of Maine a nice deer 225 Ibs., 8pt., 21.5" spread. Nice Shooting Rob.

Happy 1st Birthday Teddy!

mmmm caaaaake! Check out all the pics from Teddy's 1st B-day Party!

brush with fame - sorta

I looove 30 Rock! My cousin Jodi met Judah Friedlander at a work event the other night! Does not look like too much work is going on, hummm!

Follow Judah on Twitter!

Happy National Pizza Day!

Shop for a good cause this Thursday!

Happy One Year Anniversary M+M!

In honor of our one year wedding anniversary, we ventured back to Fells Point and tried to recreate a few of our favorite wedding photos. Here are some of the comparisons...enjoy :)

Wedding Photos by Jason Lee