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Most Outrageous Right Wing Comments of 2006

How extreme were conservative commentators in their remarks this year? How about calls to nuke the Middle East and an allegation that a "gay … mafia" used the congressional page program as its own "personal preserve." Right-wing rhetoric documented by Media Matters for America included the nonsensical (including Rush Limbaugh's claim that America's "obesity crisis" is caused by, among other things, our failure to "teach [the poor] how to butcher a -- slaughter a cow to get the butter, we gave them the butter"), the offensive (such as right-wing pundit Debbie Schlussel's question about "Barack Hussein Obama": Is he "a man we want as president when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?"), and the simply bizarre (such as William A. Donohue's claim that some Hollywood stars would "sodomize their own mother in a movie"). Since there were so many outrageous statements, we included a list of honorable mentions along with the top 11, which, if not for Ann Coulter, we might have limited to 10. via Alternet

The war is the mission.

Behind Bush's "new way forward" | Salon.com
Repudiated in the midterm elections, Bush has elevated himself above politics, and repeatedly says, "I am the commander in chief." With the crash of Rove's game plan for using his presidency as an instrument to leverage a permanent Republican majority, Bush is abandoning the role of political leader. He can't disengage militarily from Iraq because that would abolish his identity as a military leader, his default identity and now his only one.

Crack is wack. put that on the blog!

HAWTHORNE, Fla. -- Who are you going to call when you buy bad crack?

Authorities said Eloise Reaves recently complained to a sheriff's deputy after getting a beat rock. Reaves was arrested after she approached a Putnam County, N.C., deputy at a convenience store.

Reaves said that instead of crack, the rock she bought was a mixture of wax and cocaine. A local newspaper reported that the woman even put the bad crack on the deputy's patrol car for inspection.
Click here to find out more!

Reaves is now charged with possession of cocaine and is free on $1,500 bond.


Amanda and I made the schlep down to Hampden last night to see the Festival of Lights. We also had dinner at Cafe Hon and drank some Balto Marz HON & Natty Boh HON!


Steven D! sent me this interesting article on Best Buy & how they are improving productivity with a flexible working environment. Now maybe you will all start believing that I an be productive while working from home 98% of the time.

If anyone needs a last minute holiday gift

Pee & Poo, what a great idea.

c/o Ted.

New Spank Rock!

Spank Rock's first album YoYoYoYoYo is a great album but this new track Lindsay Lohan sure is, i believe they call it, off the chain...

Talk about a stocking stuffer

Scary Mary

In the meme of recutting movies into another genera, here's the latest to make it's rounds... Mary Poppins.

What the Hell's an Aluminum Falcon?

Rollin' with Bob Saget

Thanks to Robin for the tip.

This better not end up on the Internet!

Top 10 YouTube Videos of girls Kissing via Fleshbot.

We're Talking About Unchecked Aggression Here.

The Wii Lebowski

You can now post to Blogger directly from Google Docs & Spreadsheets.


I am in love with Taquitos.net -- they review snack food, one of my favorite things.

A Fun News Week

Last week... a ninety-two-year-old woman was killed in a
shootout with Atlanta police, a Houston teenager was
sentenced to jail for sodomizing a Hispanic teenager with
a patio umbrella while shouting "White Power!," and a
professional dominatrix testified that an officer in the
Greenburgh, New York, police department had extracted
sexual favors from her. "He wanted to go to a motel in the
Bronx where I would defecate on him," she said, "but I
told him I was uncomfortable going to the Bronx."

via harper's

"Shemale Vids"

Think before you take a screenshot when you have a folder called Shemale Vids on your desktop. Dan would do something like that.


Finally, Champagne Beer.

We're Back!

And we have pics!

Office Space as a Thriller.

It's been a while since we've seen one of these...


Amusing article from 1981 on Babbage - The [programming] language of the future

For years, programming languages have used "FOR," "DO UNTIL," "DO WHILE," etc. to mean "LOOP." Continuing with this trend, Babbage offers the following loop statements:

DON'T DO WHILE NOT - This loop is not executed if the test condition is not false (or if it's Friday afternoon).

DIDN'T DO - The loop executes once and hides all traces.

CAN'T DO - The loop is pooped.

DO-WAH - Used to write timing loops for computer-generated music (Rag Timing).


Slashdot phucks up.

Slashdot had to suspend all coments today... oops.

Last night we crossed over 16,777,216 comments in the database. The wise amongst you might note that this number is 2^24, or in MySQLese an unsigned mediumint. Unfortunately, like 5 years ago we changed our primary keys in the comment table to unsigned int (32 bits, or 4.1 billion) but neglected to change the index that handles parents. We're awesome! Fixing is a simple ALTER TABLE statement... but on a table that is 16 million rows long, our system will take 3+ hours to do it, during which time there can be no posting. So today, we're disabling threading and will enable it again later tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. We shall flog ourselves appropriately.

Ciao Bella!

Jet-Setting to Italy for a week...Rome, Perugia and Florence.


Ehrlich Concedes Election, And So Does Steele

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye

Rumsfeld just resigned. It feels like Christmas!



Jess and I Found Nemo!

@ the National Aquarium

Best web site ever. Will it Blend?

Seriously awesome.
... marbles
... coke & chicken
... extra value meal
... rake handle
Be sure to check out the full can of coke they blend in the video intros.

Have pink drapes?


Polls, Polls, Polls

Interesting site aggregating poll results.


Halloweenies @ Work

The Network Pub goes all out for Halloween!

With the greatest of ease...

Mer and Pam fly high @ Trapeze School

Borat for President!

I am sick and tired of seeing a country as prosperous as the US rot under the reign of the Bush royal family. It's a 21st century and the American roads are still not capable of supporting camels! Jews are still allowed to marry. An average American still can't afford having rat meat for dinner and gypsies are allowed to wear pants.


Aqua Teen Cookie Force

Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

We decorated cookies tonight.

Tips for Naming Your Kids

I was on Myspace a little ago, and no shit, I saw a girl who spells her name Britni. Britni! Can you fucking imagine!? I mean, how many ways can you spell that? Every time I am looking for strangers to send pictures of my cock to, someone is spelling Brittany differently. I don’t get it.

Read more on the Phat Phree

Horray Branding

For the graphically-inclined, Marty Neumeier illustrates the differences between Marketing, Advertising, PR, and Branding on pages 24 and 25 of ZAG. This is the best, most simplistic definition, visual or verbal, of core marketing disciplines that I’ve ever seen.

H surrounded by sunrays

H surrounded by sunrays
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

Mer & I went to see John Hodgeman, Jonathan Coulton, and David Reese at UBaltimore the other night. I took a few pictures with my mobile telephone which you can view here.


Harbor Cup: 3rd!

Division: PHRF CD (8 boats)

Pos Sail Boat Skipper Rating Finish
Penalty Pts
1 23497 Bella Donna Guarino 162 15:35:13.0 00:56:58.2 03:38:14.8 00:00:00.0
2 484 Horizon Fleck, Bob 171 15:39:13.0 01:00:08.1 03:39:04.9 00:00:50.1
3 53126 Finn Eyring, Andrew 174 16:03:19.0 01:01:11.4 04:02:07.6 00:23:52.8
4 2742 Safari Harrity, Rich 213 16:18:15.0 01:14:54.3 04:03:20.7 00:25:05.9
5 83052 Boreas Mullarky, Mike 168 16:13:33.0 00:59:04.8 04:14:28.2 00:36:13.4
6 877 Lazy Ethel Holoubek, Dotty 213 16:31:22.0 01:14:54.3 04:16:27.7 00:38:12.9
7 478 Lark Vazzano, Larry 174 16:35:42.0 01:01:11.4 04:34:30.6 00:56:15.8
DNF 93244 Discovery Boyce, Albert 174 No Time 01:01:11.4 No Time No Time DNF 9.0

Race Information: Start Date/Time = Saturday, October 21, 2006 11:00:00.0, Length (nm) = 21.10

And just imagine how good we would have done if I had not had 3 beers before 10am!

Is Britney Shopping in Mer's Closet?

Britney: Meredith:

You Decide!

Double Trouble

Matt and Matt 2
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

Halloween @ Barb's, sans Fire Department

I want to be like Mike.

Boxer Mike Tyson, who has been making the rounds on Scarbourough Country and other TV shows saying he's going to fight female boxers, is now saying that he's going to fight 60something singer Tom Jones in a charity match.

via TVSquad

I called it

Told ya so, Lady S.O.V. #1 video on BET.

Remember when we had a President who could speak coherently?

Full transcript available here.

Bummer, I totally want to pee in this

An Austrian businessman is bowing to public pressure and promises to get rid of urinals shaped like a woman's mouth. The controversial public convenience is located near Vienna's national opera.

My buddy Keith Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America

Fun Experiment...

  1. Go to Google
  2. search for Dave Sobotkin
  3. click on the first result.
  4. laugh, laugh, and laugh.

I hope this somehow ruins his professional career. Thanks to Dombi for the head's tip.

A-Town's a Dangerous Place

Bomb threats delay school’s start in Allentown
The Allentown School District had to delay the start of school and evacuate students from all 22 district buildings this morning after four separate bomb threats were called into the Allentown Communications Center.

According to school officials, the district's director of facilities received a call at 7 a.m. from the city's emergency dispatch that there were bombs placed in every school in the district.

Read More: Morning Call

Can you dig it?

Yes we can!
Actually I just posted this via email.

Be sure to check out the Good News -->


NEW YORK (AP) -- Rapper Fabolous was shot early Tuesday as he stood at a Manhattan parking garage, spurring a sequence of events that left him both hospitalized in stable condition and under arrest, police said."

While I was shopping...

Mer & Co. are famous.

The 'Berg Gang

The 'Berg Gang
Originally uploaded by Mr_Matt.

Maryland Brewer's Octoberfest. Can I just say how much I love The Brewer's Art OZZY. Simply amazing.

Feed Me.

To stay synced up, here are some feeds...


The Pile has bit the dust, for now at least. In an effort to continue some semblance of an online presence I have created WTKA. More to follow.