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Hillary does better w/ lower educated voters

If you are a college graduate you are more likely to support Obama, 2:1. If you are a high school graduate you're 2:1 more likely to support Billary. MSNBC just threw that info-nugget out there and then compared Clinton to Wal-Mart, experience & low prices, and Obama to Whole Foods, quality & sensibility.

Also Mike "Jesus is my Homeboy" Huckabee is projected to win WV. Maybe he's rising from the dead.


Mike said...

There was a similar statistic tossed around in 2004 with Kerry and Bush. If I recall, it validated my belief that there are far more stupid people in this country than smart people. Not that I want to see Bill win the primary, but let's face it: stupid people are the prime demographic for almost every product in this country. Why should the President be any different?