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The Knot: taking the Grey's Anatomy wedding a lil bit too far, one blog post at a time

Now, I am probably the only person still watching Grey's Anatomy. I can't help it! Any show with a main character named Meredith is GREAT in my book! Growing up, I was the ONLY Meredith. I could never find a silly key chain or mug or stationary with my name. My mom had to special order everything. So, now that my name has been brought to prime time television, I think I owe it to myself to watch! But THIS is taking tonight's wedding between Meredith and Derek (the one they call McDreamy) a lil bit too far.


AbbyThompson said...

Ed just got a "save the date" from his cousin Matt ... who's fiance is Meredith. Another Matt & Mer!

OM said...

You know what...? It's kinda cool. As long as it's the people from the show that did it and not a crazy fan. I actually started blogging because I wanted to write fiction and create a fictional blog for one of the characters, after the show Lost did that between seasons. That never happened, but now I have about a million blogs.

(I've never watched Grey's Anatomy. And for the sake of the world, I hope I was the last person sticking with Heroes until the end. Man, that sucked).